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The heart of The Rising International Ministries

Mindanao Island, Philippines

Teaching, serving and empowering the people of the Philippines 


"But indeed for this purpose I have raised you up, that I may show My power in you, and that My name may be declared in all the earth."

Exodus 9:16


Challenges faced

Filipinos living in villages are trapped in a cycle of generational poverty.

The many and complex reasons are lack of access to quality education and healthcare, limited income-generating livelihood opportunities, distance from the city, food insecurity, and violence, just to name a few. 

A college degree is considered one of the passports out of poverty. 


Hope offered

At The Rising International Ministries, we believe access to quality education is an essential key to seeing sustainable change. 

Along with providing educational support, we feel family partnerships and ministry training are vital to our calling to create meaningful life change. By offering opportunity for education, nutrition, and empowerment alongside Gospel-centered teaching and discipleship, we envision these villages transformed and thriving, for the greater glory of God.

In the village...

2 out of every 3 girls in the village will get married before age 15.


We believe girls have inherent dignity, worth, and value in Christ. They deserve a chance to choose a different future.


70% of families in the village each year experience food insecurity.


You can provide a year's worth of nutritious meals for a family in our feeding program for just $75. 


Most adults never learn to read or write increasing the risk of poverty.


Teaching literacy allows villagers to read the Bible in their heart language and allows for a more successful future.


You can provide a year of nutritious meals for a family in our feeding program for $75 a month. 

1 in 5 infants will die before the age of 2, often from preventable causes.


We provide mothers with vitamins, food, training and spiritual support during the first two critical years of development.


Connecting with men is vital as they are the decision makers.


When a man's heart in turned to Christ and he's equipped to better provide and care for his family, it creates positive ripple effects across the entire community.


If the mother comes to know Christ, often her family will follow her influence.


At HOH and in the village, we want to raise up a generation of women confident in the gospel and equipped to finish well.


Be a part of someone's RISING story.

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