It began with a simple prayer:
God, lead us to people who really need You.

At the time, we had no idea the roads that prayer would take us down. Now every
week we travel hours into beautiful mountain villages where our friends of all ages
greet us with smiles. Since our time in these villages began in 2016, we have seen
God move in both the big and powerful, and the small and mundane. We are equally
in awe of it all, and never tire in watching Him work.

Mostly due to their hard to reach locations, these villages typically have extremely
low literacy rates, particularly among adults, rampant malnutrition and disease, and
limited access to education. We believe all of this can change, but we also know that
to give food for their stomachs or enrichment for their minds is only futile, without
Jesus Christ to satisfy their souls. And although most of these villages know OF the
name of Jesus, they know little to nothing about real relationship with Him. Through
our holistic approach in ministry, we target both the physical and the spiritual. By
offering opportunity for education, nutrition, and empowerment alongside Gospel-
centered teaching and discipleship, we envision these villages transformed and
thriving, for the greater glory of God.