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Meet Maricris - A New Life in Christ

Meet Maricris.

She's one of the many women who participate in our village Bible studies. Our team wanted to share her story to illustrate how God is working in the villages of Mindanao. Thanks for being a part of our ministry and their story!

During one of our recent Bible studies looking at the story of Jacob, Maricris spoke up. Like Jacob, she previously had a bad reputation in her village. But through the faithful prayers and example of her husband, God worked in her life to not only cure her addiction to alcohol but also to give her a new reputation as someone who serves others regularly as a volunteer in the village.

As Maricris began to share her story, she explained that she knew of Jesus at a young age but didn’t have a relationship with Him. Instead, she found comfort in drinking, expecting she would stop once she got married.

Unfortunately, her new responsibilities as a wife could not overcome the stronghold that dominated her life. This created even more conflict in her marriage with Ferdinand, especially once Ferdinand devoted himself to serving Christ.

Ferdinand spent much of his time serving at the local church with Pastor Brigado. But to Maricris, this was a waste of time because Ferdinand didn’t earn much. Out of bitterness she pushed him away and mocked him: “You should have married the pastor instead!” But despite these hurtful words, Ferdinand remained humble and fought this spiritual battle for his wife on his knees, often praying over her in the morning before she awoke.

And just as Jacob wrestled with God all night resulting in a new identity and having been transformed by God, Maricris went through her own wrestling match about whether or not to accept her husband’s invitation to go to church. One morning, she felt something within her heart and even before Ferdinand invited her, she said: “I’ll go.”

Unbeknownst to her, the Holy Spirit was already beginning to work within Maricris’s heart because when she arrived at church, she was met with a great glory. “I just can’t explain why but I cried the whole service!” she attests. The Lord so overwhelmed Maricris with His great love that she surrendered her life to Him, and after that encounter, she emerged with a new identity!

Today, Maricris helps TRIM in her village and is one of our most faithful volunteers. She admits that her growth in the Lord wasn’t always consistent at first.

It was only after joining our weekly Bible studies that she began to understand the Bible more clearly. This has led to growing maturity and faithfulness, including her and Ferdinand serving side by side with their children and as part Village Bible Camp.

We are so honored to be a small part of Maricris’s story and grateful that this is just one of many ways that God is moving in the villages these days. This past November, Pastor Brigado conducted a water baptism for our life group members. What started out several years ago as just a few men and women’s life groups has blossomed to 100+ members with 64 mothers and 12 fathers leading their families to Christ.

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