At The Rising, we believe access to quality education is an essential key to seeing sustainable change

Without access to education past grade school, girls and boys are often married as
young as 12 or 13 years old. Because of this they miss out on critical years of
development, freedom, and learning. Without formal education, it becomes nearly
impossible for these boys and girls to find work should they desire to and so the
cycle of poverty only continues.

At The Rising, we believe access to quality education is an essential key to seeing
sustainable change take place in these villages and other communities we are
involved in. That is why, in partnership with their families, we have opened a safe
home for girls from the village to come live and get an education. As with everything
we strive to do as an organization, this program for us is not solely about education.
In the home, girls have the unique opportunity to grow deeply in their relationship
with God through daily teaching and modeling of Biblical principles, to grow in
servant leadership as they join us in other outreaches and service opportunities, and
excel in a variety of life skills and enrichment activities they otherwise wouldn’t
have access to.

It is our goal to see the God-given potential inside each of the girls unleashed and
the trajectory of their lives beautifully interrupted. We strive to create opportunities
that place no limits on the future of these girls and the hope they have available in
Christ Jesus. It is our prayer that through this program God would mold young
women who are confident, full of integrity, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and
equipped in all facets of learning to go out into the world and be successful.
Ultimately, we define success not by what you accomplish in the end, but who you
become in the process.