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Whether its our neighbors across the street, families living under the city bridge, or
our friends displaced in evacuation tents after a typhoon, we desire to be the light of
Christ not just in villages hours away, but also in and around our own city.

Every week we gather in the park down the road or huddle onto basketball courts,
in tents and under bridges…whatever it takes to meet together. The sound of kids’
laughter fills the air beautifully as they play games and sings songs and then lean in
around the circle to hear the Bible story. Moms and dads bring their bowls and cups
and whatever container they can find to receive a warm meal for the day. We
encourage them from the Word or through prayer, and often just their smiles and
joy do the same for us.

We believe Jesus modeled ministry through relationship and we strive to do the
same. Through consistently showing up in the lives of our neighbors and friends, we
expect God, through His Holy Spirit, to transform and strengthen their lives.